Saturday, 20 December 2008

twilight the best!!!


it's been such a long time ak x update blog..
kpd follower2 ku, maaf ye.. lalalala..

this is the cover book of twilight.. i used to read it twice..

ok let me tell u a lil bit bout the synopsis of Twilight

TWILIGHT is an action packed, modern day luv story btween a teenge gurl n a vampire. bella swan (kristen stewart) has alwiz been a lil bit diff, nver carin' bout fittin in wif d trendy gurls at her phoenix high school. wen her mum remarries n sends bella 2 live wif her dad in d rainy lil town of forks washington, she doesnt expct much of anythg 2 change. then she meets d mystrious n dazzlgly beatfl edward cullen-damn he's great!! ^_^ (robert pattinson) a boy unlike any she's eva met. edward is a vmpire,but he doesnt hv fangs n his fam is unque in dat they choose not 2 drink hman blood. intllgent n witty, edward sees strght into bella's soul. soon, they r swept up in a pssionte, thrillg n unorthodox rmnce. 2 edward, bella is wut he has waited 90 years for-a soul mate. but d clser dey get, d mor edward muz struggle 2 resist d primal pull of her scent, whch cud send him into an uncntrllable frenzy.

they look perfect together!

i wish i were Isabella.. ^^

lol.. i dunno wut else should i say.. seems like i'm in love with EDWARD CULLEN!!


nisadill said...

aku tgh bace,
pnjm awim nye,
mmg sgt mnarik tetarik da bom ahhh,
tp mlg skali,
aku x tgk pn lg muvee dye,
sgt not-up-to-date aku nih,
yelaaa..ko bygkn,
last muvy aku tgk HSM3...
bpk bzaman dah tuuu,
tnggu kua dvd je laaa...
nnt aku tgk,
x pon,2nggu kua HBO jeh,
lg jimat kos,
by dat time sequel twilight pn da tyg kot,
tp ape yg pntg,
aku nk sokong ko,
twilight mmg shioook!!!

arxar said...

yeah babe!!!
twilight sgt besh!!!
ak bc 2 kali even da tgk movie die..
lol i damn mnt gler this movie..
n the book too..
n i think im the biggest fan of twilight n EDWARD CULLEN ^^