Sunday, 25 September 2022

Case # 2: The Hospital

hi all!! how are you? Been away for a while, yes i know ;) monday (15th June 2009) Paan and i went to Ipoh Specialist Hospital. At first, I really cant make it due to my islamic class yg spttnye habis pukul 4 pm. But, disebabkan ustaz yg sungguh bhati mulia pd hari 2, my class ended at 1pm. Actually, the purpose we went there because paan h an appointment with doctor coz he'll undergo some operation on his left knee. Uhhh sgt kesian nye dier. Ok that was our first time to that hosp and unluckily, orthopedic doctor in charge on that day was busy operating.
i'm addicted to his smile lol his MRI and my gorgeous handbag..hehe
Don't know where should we go.. Nak g mkn tak boleh..( fyi, we are fasting on that day) So we decided to do some window shopping at Ipoh Parade.. Ok now masa utk berbuka puasa!!
I'm starving to death~!!
Tuesday (16th June 2009) Ok we went to the hospital again. And this time, the doctor is free and "no potong2 org lg" hehehe ;) i have class that morning. So he waited for me. Ok skang kitorang da kat hospital. There's a lot of people inside and we went to the hosp's cafe for breakfast. Around 11 am, one sweet nurse called his name. He told everything about his condition and what-so-ever thing that the doc asked him. And the doc said, the date for operation is on this June 24th. Oh no man. Dia yg nak operate, aku yg takut terlebih. Hehe. After that, we headed to Kinta City. Watched terminator Salvation, makan2 and he drove me back home coz tomorrow( today ) dia kena settle an everything bout insurance, works and etc. Missing him already. Adoi. Blk sini cepat ye.

another suprise for me~

and this is another mesmerizing part of him..die sgt suke buat suprise for me!and i got heart attack easily everytime he did it..i mean seriously..i'm not talking i love it..thx sayang! =) as usual, if he cme to ipoh (his hometown..but not really his hometown la actuli..hehe) we gonna date and go anywhere like watch movie, shopping or just jalan2 mengisi perut.but this time, slightly different..i asked him mane kitorang nak pegi..but he didnt answer me..he just smile..yes he smiled..he just said, wait and see..uh apekah perasaan ini..adekah die nak bwk aku kawen lari??hahahaha..aku sgt curious nak taw.. ok aku just duduk diam2(not really diam) and just wait..but weird feeling i gt there coz makin lm, kitorang makin naek ke bukit..hahaha sgt pelik kan??after about 1 and half hour of journey, suddenly aku rase sgt terkejut!u know what..tibe2 ak ternampak board yg sgt besar yg btulis "Welcome to Cameron Highland" OMG!!! we r on our way to cameron~ it is impossible!but that's a fact..he smiled..die sgt suke senyum ok! aku rase terharu gler..(huhu) he luv making sprise.. thanks a lot sayang..thousand words wont do..even sekejap, tp all those precious time sgt2 very happy..i really mean it..u are good and expert wat i happy..i love u so much!

another day out :)

i love it when you are around and we had so much fun together. last saturday paan brought me out. since we didnt celebrate my birthday yet, so he decided to take me out for a lunch. and we had a very great lunch, great meals and great people ( wait, did i mentioned that there was only two of us?haha ) we went straight to KLCC to bought some cupcakes for my birthday and yes, I LOVE IT! thanks syg. lunch at Pavillion and watched movie at Alamanda. we watched Furry Vengeance and i recommend you to watch this movie. it worth your penny :) so, we went to 3 different places in a day for different purposes. nice huh? <3
mine mine mine. sangat kuat makan kan?
the yum yum. you can get this at TGI Fridays. everyday is a friday (promote sat) and the best part ever. we failed to eat the whole lot btw haha happy face before watch the movie it's time to go home. and thanks a lot sayang for make it real :)

and he's my mr right!

My body's aching all over, from head to toe.. Ok, I’m exaggerating a bit. I was having sort of emotional breakdown lately. it was too much till sometimes i can't stand for it anymore..i feel like dying.. i get irritated and emotionally disturbed easily. plus, my studies..argh! what a hectic life i have just now..and yes, my heart is missing some pieces. it's amazing how time passes by. i still remember u tried so hard to attract my attention..u did many things to make me smile and yeah i smiled :) i knw i always hurt ur heart before..u did smsed me but i never replied..i did many things to make u hate me..but yeah, i tak bjaya..tapi awak ttp tunggu saya..jahatnya saya..really touched my heart la sayang. what else i want in this world when u meant the world to me now??(adakah ayat ini sgt annoying?) whatever.. haha.. i love it when you're around. and having you around is the best damn thing :) when u're around, everything is like soooo wonderful. u are the reason i believe in myself again..i was about to lose hope and then u came..thanks a lot sayang! whenever i ade any problem, doesnt matter how besar n even sekecik kuman pon masalah tue, i tetap nak ckp ngn u gak..and u always be a good listener of mine..even i agak sedikit mengada, u still there no matter what.i dunno what else should i say..
encik! i miss you so much! thanks for really care about me thanks for showering me with your love and thanks for being my SUPERHERO!