Friday, 18 December 2009

new moon.

Still the movie is good and nice as people were screaming and love some scenes from the movie. People would scream and giggle as they watch some romantic and love scenes from the movie. I love the action scenes from the wolves on how they act naturally in their sequence. and edward's scenes too hehe. The twist of the story was really good and nice. Twilight still reigns! and I still consider this movie as one of the best movies I watched this year the other one is 2012.

The ending of the movie was a little bit intriguing because edward said: 'Marry me Bella!' and then it stopped right there. After edward said that line people just scream from affection lol!
We had fun and we enjoyed the movie and it entertained us. Hoping to see again the next chapter of the Twilight Eclipse b'coz I'm so anxious to watch it.

What else can i say? Jacob is freakin hot! but I'm still Edward's biggest fan after all hehe

Thank you my love farhan for taking me to watch this and it makes me even happier that you actually like the movie :)

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


A boy whisks a girl into his arms
they stand face to face
she whispers "do you love me?"
Without hesitation he says "yes"... just that easy
she asks "promise to never trade me in?" ..
"Promise to stay with me no matter how hard times can get"
Once again he replies "yes"
Then he ask "do you love me?"
"Yes" before he even finishes the sentence
"Promise to never trade me in... no matter how hard it gets"
"Of course" she answers with a wide smile.

... and just like that they made their vows.
Nobody to witness, no papers to sign, no one to give them their blessings.
Just one boy and one girl
giving each other the only thing they have
their trust.

Friday, 4 December 2009

and it's raining

kak fatin! thanks alot..akk buat aza teringat balik kat band nie..duh, camne ley lupe. favourite band--favourite song mase aku buat foundation dulu..cheers!