Wednesday, 15 October 2008

my girls rockin the world

im in love with my girls. havin 'em around is 1 of the best damn thing. u noe why, bcause we have that chemistry! what we usually call as 'satu kepala'. they're fun people, for god's sake, they really are. i can go weak due to unstoppable laughin, talkin, jokin and monkeyin around. especially when there are nadieya, loe, mien, areen or syida around.. i dunno where else on earth that i can find these people. hehe. *hyperbola di situ* but hey, i mean it :)

quite tired 2day.. i just back from havin a blast with my bestie ever-ku sampai mati.. guess who?? nadia ayayaya in the house =) 2gether with hanis jepp-ku, today is such a gile2 day.. ngan perangai masing2 yang sempoi+sengal, what else i want in this world?? huhuhu.. nadieya dr umah akk die kat kajang while hanis direct dari kl.. (terharu ni diorang sanggup datang) sob..sob..

they arrrived sban around 1030 am.. i felt guilty coz they hve to wait about 1 hour!! really sorry darl.. i hve 2 accompany my mum to the cimb bank first.. hampir menjadi giler la dpt jumpe diorang yang sedia giler2 tu kat term 1.. huhu..

after da penat tawaf term, we went to the jj sban 2.. owh what else girls wanna do biler da jumpa?? SHOPPING is the exact answer =) sadly said that kitorang x beli ape sgt pon.. last2, g watsons baru beli barang.. window shopping jek.. huhu.. plan nak tgk movie.. onfortunate for us, we have to cancelled that plan because we are out of time.. next, oleh disebabkan perut dah meraung-raung minta makanan, we get to feed our stomachs at jj food court.. then, pas pusing2, suddenly perut rasa lapar blk.. ( dasar kuat makan) nge~ fikir2, nak g secret recipe je.. at last g daily fresh for an ICE CREAM yummy2!! =) nak beli ice cream macam pk nak jawab spm.. agak lame la gak nak buat final decision.. hahaha

makan tak hengat orang ;p

after round2 1 jj, before balik, we bought some doughnut at big apple doughnut.. nadieya is the one yang x boleh nampak big apple.. macam nak giler jadinya.. hahaha..

then before diorang balik, we have a minum petang at mamak stall with another friend of ours.. time flies.. kitorang g komuter coz mase nye da smpai utk hukuman gantung d jalankn.. hak2.. a big thanks to them for such a lovely day.. after a long time we ddn't meet, at last today is the day =) thanks a lot guys.. much much love from me..


nadieya said... whut a lovely day babe...hik..eyy ko snap2 xebragak..kantoi lemak aq bersepah...muahahhahaha..ngeee..
though we dun hv muc time jz now bt i really enjoy mmeting u..tanx darl..
i'll be missing u sayang..sobsobsob..forget me never!hpe 2c u again..god..cant imagine being aprt from u...sedih!tanx 4 having me as ur fren...i appreciate it..n thanked Allah 4 such a faboulous babe lyke u....(oooh diva sangat okay...hihihhii)....

arxar said...

huhuhu.. thx so much syg coz sggp dtg sremban jumpe ak =) mmmuuaahhxx2!! esok kite jmpe lg an.. ak pon x nak jaouh dr ko.. since ko jd kwn ak, ak syg ko!!