Tuesday, 2 June 2009

shop shop!!

Hello readers. How you doing? I went out for window shopping with alia today and also hunting for a really nice dress and shirt We had such a good time even just for 1 hour due to tahap lapaness cherah yg max. Found it but can't really make up my mind to choose which one is the best. At last, i choosed a very vintage and lovely white blouse and super kawaii plus adorable black shirt..( is it too much for it description?) Haha.. I spend around RM100++ today..And i love spending..(uh aku sgt boros~!!) I really love the shirt. I just love how the end of the shirt was designed. It look really fabulous when match it with legging.

Ok ok enough for my shopping thingy..Hehe..


lacey dacey said...

hey there,

just same like hotmail my dear...just msg me thru this email add:laceydacey@live.com

arxar said...

ok than..thanks ^_^

eima said...

haaaaa jealous

arxar said...

eima, u r so funny la..
u asek jealous je.hek2