Wednesday, 31 December 2008


when we talk something about new year, we'll definitely think bout hope, happiness, new wishes n etc.. all peoples will make their own new wishes n me as well.. different ppl hv dfferent definition bout new year.. n for me, it's somethg like this.. we will open the book. its pages are blank. we are goin to put words on them ourselves. the book is called opportunity and its first chapter is new year's day.

I feel so sad. I feel badly hurt. I feel my soul is flying away. I just feel so sad. It has been a hard journey for 2008. And just another hours we're leaving 2008 but day by day, it makes me feel even harder to survive. Will i be able to breath again tomorrow. With all the odd challenges Ive been through and I will go through, it makes me weak and tired. And the funny part is I'm only 18..xpe2 hidup perlu diteruskan even seteruk mane pon dugaan yg dtg.. keep movin forward people!!

owh yes! new year will come guys..and quick!!make a wish!!new wish i mean..throw away the old a new you!by the way, have a great 2009 people..


Anonymous said...

iro2 taihen ne
anata no 2008.
demo daijobu desu yo.
2009 wa kira2 desu kara.
gambatte kudasai ne.

T: u've been trough a lot in your2008.
but, its going to b alright.
2009 is shining brightly.
do ur best k!

S90 said...

salam.. tersesat, menyinggah, dan menumpang membaca disini..

arxar said...

owh it's ok..
u r welcome to my blog ^_^