Monday, 2 March 2009

life is aren't easy

its been awhile......

I wrote two posts before i wrote this one. However, it has become such a frustration when i failed to publish both of the blogs due to some errors... sigh~ I think what I should write first is introduce myself to the world... so HEY everybody~~~

My name is arxar (as i mentioned before..n i keep wondering if there's any of my friends still don't know my name..hehe) As I am now in my holidays(holidays!! yay~), I think I should utilize my time as when uni life comes back, oh man.. you don't have time for yourself in a way such shall I say, it's a social suicide, man! so, now, I'm taking baby steps to be a writer. To tell people what i have to say and my turn to tell my side of the story.

As all I can do apart from writing is just texting n surfin internet where i am addicted to till sometimes i didnt n never realized i've been spendin almost 24 hrs man.. but hey that's me..

my university life was very hectic..
the schedule was extremely pack till sometimes i have to sleep less than 3 hours by doin' revision and assignments..i'm not gonna be a doctor man..owh no way..but i have to..thanks god coz my shweet gentle boy accompanied me through the day..thank you ^_^

coming up after this holiday, i'l have pharmaceutics, biology, basic formulation test n lab as well..duh, such a depression for drives me crazy sometimes..huhu..neway, i'll do my best eventhough my previous test( phy chem & physio) was extremely disappoint me..hah! its ok..let bygone be matter how difficult it might seem, i have to survive..there's no turning back..ok it's time to think positive people!! make it is so wonderful aite ^_^

instead of that, uni life really teach me how to really appreciate some1 we call...FAMILY, FRIENDs n SOULMATE..they will always be beside me no matter how and what..esp during my hard time..they will lend their hands to me for help before i fall down..when i need someone to talk to, they will be my ears..and they are my strength to be exact..thanks a lot guys..i really have no idea what would my life wl be without u guys..thousands thanks won't do..

Owh gosh..i guess i have to end my short post here. There's some work to do. I'll be back soon.