Thursday, 14 May 2009

as time goes on..

i went bloghopping just now and i saw tones of cute, kawaii and pinkish layouts used by some blogger. argh!i wish i could make my own skin. i always wanted to make 1..but i tend to give up very easily. haih..

erm nothing much to say..actually i have lotsa thg to write..but since im into my "lazy phase", so i just tend to 'buat bodo and ignore je..(haih mls nye aku..) havin my short sem now..what a heck..campus laen sume cuti..2 months fyi..but i have to attend religious studies and english class as usual..sgt jeles ok!haih..its ok la..erm i just abes my english class..and i gt an assgnment edi..tones of assignment (tipu je..hehehe) im going back today..hooray! i mean blk my real home la.. last week br blk..but hey, sgt bosan la ok sini lame2..arini last class for this week..everyone dlm umah ak why not me rite??hehehe.. actually im supposed kena join my friends g FET buddies to be exact..diorang plan g genting..but i can't make it i think bcoz "saya kena berjimat cermat!!" sori guys..i cant make it..hopfully kite bley gather next time..sdey plak..huhu..

so after this, i'll go to ktm to buy a ticket with my friends..but i need to feed my stomach first la..sgt lapa nie..but can anyone gimme an idea nak g lunch mane arini??yesterday, da lunch kat old today takde plan lg...ok gtg..thats all for now i think..see ya next tme arnd..

Thursday, 7 May 2009

exam yang tak abes2..

hai..bile la nak abes exam nie..lm plak ak rase exam nie..padahal sbnrnye esok nak abes da..hehehe..cepat la esok..tak sabar da nie..sori for late update..sgt busy la ok..sumpah tak skang mcm da nak free..hooray!!!ak rase mcm byk bende yg slalu ak buat and ak , tp ak tade mase nak wat skang..cthnye mcm posing2 tgkp gmba then upload kat fs/ms, update blog, g shopping, tgk tv, jumpe org2 yg ak sayang on9 smpai mata bengkak n byk lg week, ak pndh umah..and dat house ade wireless..jd mule la ak bkecimpung kembali dlm area inie..hehe..erm actually byk bende ak nak cite kat sini..pasal birthday suprise ak, aku demam trok, life ak and mcm2 lg..jd korg tggu la ea post2 dr ak nnt..