Thursday, 29 October 2009

exam mode

its like a years aku tak update (ini menunjukakn aku seorang yg pemalas.hee)
tapi aku ade reason yg kukuh. I'm having my final semester exam. Damn susah-giler-hingga-tak-terkata. screwed up with my Drug Delivery System's theory. I didnt knw what I'm doing. seriously. I'm stressed out! 4 papers to go and I can't wait for my holidays! I've list down all events and seems like 1 and half month of holidays is not enough! owyeah!

Next is OSPE. can someone replace me? i really have no idea what will happen. tp ape ape pun, aku akan cube buat yang terbaik utk parents aku..nawaitu nawaitu!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

I am getting butterflies

I love everything about these pictures...
from the vintage feel of them, to their outfits, to the color, to the record player,
and the swing!
Are these just not the most beautiful engagement pictures ever!

"The best feeling is listening to someones heartbeat and knowing the tangible fact that it beats for nobody but you"

Saturday, 3 October 2009

unchained melody

i love babies.
( selingan di kala bosan)

I'm blogging right from alia's cozy bed
just feels like blogging

Today is Saturday
and I'm bored
I'm supposed to be at home now. my heaven after all.. but due to some pr
ob, i have to stay here..
nothing to do with ipoh. so just hibernating at home.

i just looked around and i started to think, "what i'm suppose to do today?"

and the answer appeared is : NOTHING (haha so plain la wei)

but the best part of today is, very calm and peaceful. I do love this. Everyone is different (me as well) and i love being in this calm situation. It's like a meditation for me and away from all those
serabut serabut thingy. otak perlu rehat jugak kan. (i just hope that i'll not live in KL when i get married someday. selangor is ok =))
But when it comes to party or hang out thing, i can be a very noisy and active person.

i wanna write about many things that really happened in my life. like hang out thingy with my besties, my dear family, boyfie, eid celebration.. but since i'm into my lazy-ness phase again, so i gonna write about it later. that's all for now. going downstairs to wash bundle of clothes and get some food for my breakfast..Toodles.

owh floating heart baby

dear stalkers, i know you're reading and keep reading..haha..

owh i'm totally sad when it comes to this part..