Thursday, 5 March 2009

shopping girl

Shopaholic. i guess almost every girl has this syndrome. huhu. and not surprising that lots of guys have been affected with it. back then, i was one. i mean seriously. i'm not talking shit. i spend like crazy and this habit semakin mjadi2 everytime cuti or even hang out ngn kawan2..

Nevertheless, now, after entering university, i've to be independent as my parents not around, it's very very hard 2 spend like those times (plus, i still didn't get my loan.. hehe). now, i really need to think and think and think again before shop.. but i do shop. but lesser. it's hard to stop shopping. i mean, the girls totally know how i feel. It's hard!! but i'm trying day by day. really trying hard to control my lust for shopping. i cant change my decade of spending-like-a-maniac in weeks or couple of months. i myself need to adapt to a new life. i know when i step in a shopping mall, i'll go mad, and forget about my 'plan'(not to shop like a shopwhore). i can do it. but just not in a drastic way. i know there are more beneficial ways in spending my money. It is no harm when i shop once in a while. right?

My mid sem break is going to end soon.. and i'm dreading the whole issue of going back to Uni.. and you know what, i'll do some shopping tomorrow.. yea~ there's some clothes and accessories in my watchlist.. hehe.. after long time i tahan utk mngatakan tidak pd shopping disebabkan ktiadaan 'pitih', but then, this is the time for shopping yah~ sgguh teruja rase hati..hihi.. ><


Faa said...

haha. kelaka la akak ni :p


nak email BLOG,nak invite.sbb mira akan PRIVATE kan blog :) harap dpt beri kerjasama.eceehh.

arxar said...

hehehe...but dats true dear ^_^

ok akak da bg email da mira ^_^

Anonymous said...

azar stdy kt mne skrg???
dh cnfius ni..

arxar said...

currently kat ipoh..takin pharmacy..

iki said...