Thursday, 29 October 2009

exam mode

its like a years aku tak update (ini menunjukakn aku seorang yg pemalas.hee)
tapi aku ade reason yg kukuh. I'm having my final semester exam. Damn susah-giler-hingga-tak-terkata. screwed up with my Drug Delivery System's theory. I didnt knw what I'm doing. seriously. I'm stressed out! 4 papers to go and I can't wait for my holidays! I've list down all events and seems like 1 and half month of holidays is not enough! owyeah!

Next is OSPE. can someone replace me? i really have no idea what will happen. tp ape ape pun, aku akan cube buat yang terbaik utk parents aku..nawaitu nawaitu!

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