Thursday, 3 November 2011

it's november everyone and i am on my hool-eee-day!


sorrryyyy! i know it has been a while since we last met. and if i am not mistaken i did not update my blog for the last two months! dah boleh dah tutup akaun blogger ni kot! huu shame on you azar shame on you.

nothing much to say. i am just done with my practical training. for one year i am struggled, did so many works without any payment given( ada bunyi macam kuli tak? ) and there are good and bad things happened throughout the journey as a trainee. and now, i am free! :)

by right, i am looking for a job. but i still do not know what kind of job i am looking for haha.
okay feels like posting some inspiring photos. enjoy it :)




till then, salam :)


NadyaBubble said...

kak azar jd cikgu tuition nadd lah. haha, tiba-tiba :P

ArxarNadhirah said...

hehehe comel nye nadd :) nak suruh akak jadi cikgu tuition? jadi cikgu tuition budak tadika boleh la akak ni hehehe