Monday, 2 July 2012

It's July


Hi readers. Missing me? :)
How was your day? Don't you realize this is my first entry after few months? Sorry for such a long hiatus. Hey time flies so fast. It's already July! and I've left my blog untouched for quite sometime. Forgive me.

Ramadhan is just around a corner. I just can't wait for Ramadhan to come. How about you? By the way, there's a lot of good things happened in my life recently. Alhamdulillah. Let's pray for the best for all of us because Doa' is the most powerful weapon as a Muslim. If you think you're at the lowest point of life and do not know what to do and keep blaming others, wake up and doa. Because Allah always have the answer why. Stay positive okay (reminder untuk diri sendiri juga)  :)

Till we meet again. salam 


Mami Nia said...

Hai arxar ! suke2 stay positive stay cun like you <3

ArxarNadhirah said...

heee thanks dear sebab datang baca. have a nice day :)

iskandar said...

hai nadirah boleh bekenalan?

E'in said...

ku mengharapkan ramadhan kali ini penuh makna.. :)